Spring Quarter 2024 Events


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  • Graduate Events, including Writing Groups, Bootcamps, and Retreats
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Black Lives Matter Writing Contest

When you think of Black Power, what comes to mind? What histories unfurl? What personal, lived experiences bubble to the surface of your memories? What kind of radical politics burn brightest in your souls? What critiques insist themselves into view so that you, thinking on it as you do, might improve upon those radical politics?

When you see the panther, read the slogan, raise the fist: What do you feel? What don’t you feel? What does this phrase mean under today’s circumstances—rampant climate change, continued capitalist conquest, avoidable but deliberately imposed genocides and famines, and preemptively voided political choices (I mean, really, between these two for President)—what can Black Power mean under these circumstances?

We ask because we believe there is, maybe, revolutionary potential lurking in our answers to these questions—that this phrase, has a kind of energy into which we can tap so that we might invigorate and catalyze the kinds of acts, small and grand, individual and collective, that will change the circumstances that frame our asking.

So, please: whether it is in the form of lyrics or poetry, creative nonfiction, short or long fiction, manifesto, essay, or some genre-bending/genre-combining work, please think creatively and/or critically on some pages and submit to this year’s Black Lives Matter Writing Contest.

The contest theme is Black Power Under Unimaginable Circumstances.

Submission Guidelines:

Eligible Participants: All UCI undergraduate students

Submission Deadline: Sunday, May 12th, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Genre: Any form of written word such as essay, poem, or short story

Prizes: Gift cards will be awarded to the top three submissions in the following amounts:

  • First Prize: $200
  • Second Prize: $100
  • Third Prize: $50

Submit your entry and download the official flyer here.

Graduate Writing Events

Graduate Writing Boot Camps

Graduate Writing Boot Camps are intensive programs for graduate students hoping to generate significant progress in drafting long-term, high-stakes projects like dissertations, theses, and articles for publication. In addition to discussions about how to set and achieve realistic goals and making space for writing, the boot camps offer workshops on relevant topics like receiving and incorporating feedback and developing effective long-term writing habits.

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Summer Writing Boot Camps:

Maryam’s Boot Camps:

August 2, 11 am-2 pm
In-person at 6121 Conference Room in Donald Bren Hall
Register here!

September 6, 9 am-12 pm
In-person at 6121 Conference Room in Donald Bren Hall
Register here!

Deni’s Boot Camps TBA!



Graduate Writing Groups

Maryam's Graduate Writing Group

Mondays 9-11AM PDT

6135 Donald Bren Hall (DBH) & Zoom option

Deni's Graduate Writing Group

Wednesdays 2-4PM PDT

Hybrid on Zoom & in 193 Science Library