Appointments can be booked for all students (undergraduate and graduate) by visiting WC Online. WC Online is a writing center tool specifically designed to manage and track appointments. In addition to providing available sessions, whether in person or remotely with writing specialists, peer tutors, graduate writing consultants, or for asynchronous feedback, WC Online also offers text and email reminders. 

For first time users, you will need to register and create an account on WC Online using your UCI email. 

For more information or to resolve technical difficulties, visit the WC Online Manual.


Appointments for Undergraduate Students

The Writing Center provides three kinds of writing support for undergraduate students: appointments with writing specialists, appointments with peer tutors, and asynchronous feedback.

Appointments with Writing Specialists

Writing Specialists provide an in-person (at Science Library 193) or remote 50-minute consultation for in-depth feedback on any kind of writing you’re working on, whether you don’t know where to start, have an outline, have a first draft, or are on the final draft. Writing Specialist appointments are best scheduled well in advance of deadlines as they have limited availability. Sign up for an appointment with a Writing Specialist.

Appointments with Peer Tutors

Peer tutors hold in-person or remote 25-minute appointments where you can get advice about overall writing strategies, general editing, and research strategies. Peer Tutors have both daytime and nighttime hours, as well as locations in the Science Library, Langson Library, and student housing areas. Sign up for an appointment with a peer tutor.


Appointments for Graduate Students

Graduate students can book 50-minute appointments with our Graduate Writing Consultants (GWCs). Our GWCs are experienced graduate students who are able to help you work on a variety of writing concerns and genres, including articles for publication, grant and fellowship application materials, job market materials, and dissertation/theses. Graduate Writing Consultants have both in-person (at Science Library 193) and remote appointments available. Sign up for an appointment with a Graduate Writing Consultant.

We also offer regular writing groups and writing boot camps for graduate students. The writing groups function as accountability spaces to set goals and commit to two hours of drafting writing projects, with time at the end to share progress toward goals. Writing groups do not involve sharing and receiving feedback on your drafted material (please check out the Graduate Writing Consultant appointments for feedback). The best way to view our upcoming writing group times is via Campus Groups. Once you’ve logged in, search for the CEWC/Writing Center’s events or for the “Graduate Writing Group” events (they are visible to all UCI grad students). The remote writing groups require registration on Zoom, but in-person groups only require that you show up at the designated time and location. 

Graduate Writing Boot Camps are multi-day (usually three), intensive programs for graduate students hoping to generate significant progress in drafting long-term, high-stakes projects like dissertations, theses, and articles for publication. In addition to discussions about how to set and achieve realistic goals and making space for writing, the boot camps offer workshops on relevant topics like receiving and incorporating feedback and developing effective long-term writing habits. We run boot camps roughly 2-3 times a quarter; you can view upcoming boot camps on Campus Groups, our calendar, and social media.